Traditionally, it has been difficult in the past to “safari” with your children, with strict age restrictions at most lodges. However, on a mobile safari with us, there is NO age limit! As long as you book a private safari, that is.

Kids at lodges

Most have strict age restrictions, at least on activities where you will be made to book a private vehicle if your kid is under 12. At WLS we do not charge extra if you bring the kids along. In fact, we encourage it! Therefore, it works out a lot more cost effective to book a private mobile camping safari as an option for a family safari! Further, we use private campsites, so you don’t have to worry too much about how your kids behave in camp (disturbing other guests).


Although limited by what we can carry on our mobile safari rig, we can cater for the eating habits of even the most fussy children. We have kids ourselves, so know how this goes down! Be sure to ask any questions if you are worried. You are also welcome to speak to the safari chef directly if you would like anything cooked more plain or simple for your kids. Further, we eat healthily, and don’t provide abundant junk food. Rather, we cook meals based on all food groups including fruit, vegetables and salad everyday.

Getting Serious About Family Safaris

The concept of a mobile safari is a good option for families that want an exclusive experience while avoiding any interaction with other guests that are traveling without children. A WLS mobile safari would use private campsites and you would have your own private vehicle and private guide for all your activities. Further, you can have more say on dietary requirements and dictate your own schedule for game viewing.



Do not worry too much about malaria. Standard precautions and modern preventatives mean that we still have not had a guest pick up malaria while traveling here! There can be mosquitoes – we do provide plenty of insect spray that is very effective at stopping children getting bitten. We have our own kids living here, so we know it is safe.


Further, we offer:

  • Tents with en-suite toilets
  • We can provide basic facilities for kids – wildlife orientated colouring books, balls, toys etc
  • Swimming in wild rivers – safe places of course (kids love this)
  • Fishing
  • Let the kids  get dirty….they can wash everyday
  • Experience – we have taken lots of kids on safari and know how to keep them happy

Do browse through some of the images of our recent family safaris below:


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