A “mokoro” is a traditional dug-out canoe. Craftsmen would fell whole trees to carve out these craft – a practice recently deemed  unsustainable. Today, your vessel is made out of modern fibreglass. Nonetheless, the experience has not lost any of its charm.

The Okavango is one of the few places where you can indulge in this safari experience, the shallow water being ideal for this form of transport. Indeed, your “poler” (or guide), will likely have spent most of his life propelling around the delta in his mokoro to check his fishing nets or get to remote villages.

Stay seated, and the mokoro is surprisingly stable. And silent. A completely different experience to your dusty game drive.

Mokoro activities can be provided on a seasonal basis, when water levels are sufficient for the activity to be safe. Be sure to research carefully, if you want to include this activity.

Mokoro excursions can also be arranged from Maun. A short drive takes you to a village in the southern end of the delta, where you can hire a mokoro and “poler” to take you into the delta – either for a day trip or to camp on an island.

On our mobile safari routes through the parks, there are actually very few places where this activity is offered. There is a mokoro station in Khwai and there are remote villages on our Okavango boating safaris where we can call in and look for a mokoro guide for the day.

Be sure to ask us for local advice during your time of booking.

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