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Predator Viewing

After several decades of good conservation, nearly all of the parks and concessions in Botswana offer excellent predator viewing. The reason for this is that the predators have been habituated (not tamed) to the safari vehicles, and so behave completely naturally when followed by even several vehicles.

Next, you need to be in a vehicle to get close enough to predators to take pictures (for obvious reasons). On foot, predators are not only harder to find, but will usually run away when seen.

Finally, you need a decent guide – this is where we come in. One that knows how to position the vehicle at sightings, find the predators in the first place (usually by tracking) and has patience enough to stay with the animals until something exciting happens. At WLS, this is one of our specialities!

If you want to focus on this aspect of the wilderness, we offer the following:

  • Our mobile camps are private, so no other guests to interfere with the style of game viewing you would want to do
  • Meal times are flexible according to what is happening at sightings – we can take packed lunches or have meals bought out to the game viewing vehicle by our crew
  • If predators are in hunting mode, we stay with them indefinitely
  • Spending 3 -4 nights in quality game areas. This means less time wasted moving camp and more time for predators
  • Excellent open vehicles for photography and viewing. We try not to miss anything
  • Excellent vehicles that can handle the terrain and follow predators (even through some water crossings)
  • Guides with an ability to predict behaviour and position the vehicle
  • Access to private campsites in the best game viewing areas. This means we start our drives where the action is occurring
  • Early morning starts to find the predators

Consult us for locations where predator viewing can be at its best and how to ensure that you have opportunities to follow hunts and spend maximum time out there with the animals. Please contact us directly to discuss your options.

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