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Salt Pan Sleep-outs

For a more complete experience of the solitude and flatness of the Makgadikgadi, there are options for sleeping out on the salt pans, under the stars without a tent. All you need is a “bedroll!” (Which of course is provided).

The idea is to venture far out onto the pans where the horizon is completely flat and featureless – so flat in fact that you can see the curvature of the earth! During your pans adventure, the itinerary may also usually include interaction with a clan of habituated meerkats (not tame), which is a highlight of this excursion.

We offer this experience as part of an itinerary on a mobile safari, usually as an add-on to game viewing experiences in Nxai Pan, Makgadikgadi or the Boteti River. The sleep out can also be done with a group, usually arranged by Planet Baobab (They usually use quad bikes). We also sometimes ‘free-camp” on the pans, randomly stopping wherever we may be at the end of the day!

This activity is exhilarating but safe! We choose the location to roll out our bedrolls very carefully, kilometers from any vegetation, deep within the expanse of the salt pans. This means there are no scorpions or snakes, or predators for that matter, to contend with.

You can combine this activity with a stay at Meno a Kwena Camp.

What else do we do out on the pans?

  • You can combine the pan sleep out with a safari looking for the zebra “migration.”
  • You can combine a pans sleep out with a visit to the Boteti River or Nxai Pan National Park
  • Explore the pans looking for the congregations of flamingoes
  • Visit Kubu Island – we don’t like to camp at Kubu island these days because it is no longer a wilderness experience and can get rather crowded.
  • Visit other “secret” archaeological sites on the salt pans – the area has a rich history
  • Visit Chapman’s or Green’s baobabs
  • Spot the elusive Brown Hyena
  • Desert adapted species game viewing

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