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Sky Beds

There might be something better than spending the night under canvas? Rather enjoy the African night sleeping out under the stars on a safe, raised platform – “Sky Beds.”

We highly recommend this (unusual and unique) activity. The platforms are located in a game rich concession just north of the Khwai River. The surrounding bush is a bit too thick for productive game drives, but the owners of this concession pump a series of waterholes to attract thirsty game. One has only to sit on top of your “Sky Bed” and wait for the elephants, kudu, hyenas and maybe even lion to come and drink.

Each platform has two stories. The first has a canvas shower and toilet unit with running hot and cold water for your comfort.  The top story is of course, completely open, with twin beds and an excellent view down to the waterhole below. An animal proof gate prevents any unwanted visitors from venturing up onto your platform. A canvas awning can also be erected over your top story to allow for comfortable game viewing throughout the day.

The Sky Beds are best visited with a private guide as part of your itinerary on a mobile safari. Please ask us for details.

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