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Trans Okavango

This is a mobile boating safari from the top of the delta (the “Panhandle”) to Maun. It is for those looking for a bit of adventure, perhaps not for first time safari visitors. We traverse the length of the flooded delta (250km) by safari boat, camping on remote islands, usually on an “expedition” style basis.

You should think about this type of adventure if you have already been on a few safaris before – we won’t see all the big game while out on the water – it is more about the experience and the ability to see the delta in its entirety and how it changes as the flood proceeds slowly towards Maun.

Each itinerary is different and meticulously planned. One needs to book and plan well in advance as the “flood” that pulses through the delta annually, needs to be predicted for the boats to be able to pass through the full reaches of the river. Each year / flood is different, but typically we can do this between May and August. We do these trips annually (sometimes just for fun) and follow the dynamics of the flood passionately – ask us for advice on when to book.

Most Trans Okavango Safaris start at Sepopa – this is a 5 hour drive north of Maun.

Trans Okavango Experiences

  • Pack light – space is limited on our boats.
  • Be prepared to see almost no one for several days  – it is very wild out there!
  • Add a helicopter flip for a different perspective
  • Walk on remote delta islands looking for big game and sought after birds
  • Spot a Pel’s Fishing Owl
  • Fish for tiger fish
  • Get “lost,” and find yourself!
  • Swim in crystal clear waters (only where it is safe, obviously)

Please note: For safety we provide life jackets and guides are equipped with a satellite phone. All guests are linked with a Swiss-style helicopter rescue service.

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