There are not many things as exhilarating as tracking animals or viewing them from behind a termite mound or fallen tree. This is safari at its most raw. Become attuned to the sounds of the bush. Learn how to identify tracks and recognise smells. Follow descending vultures to locate kills. React to alarm calls from birds to spot predators or cattle egrets to find buffalo. Blend into the natural environment – no longer an observer but part of it.

There are various options for walking safaris, either based out of lodges, on canoe trails, our mobile safaris or multi-day walking adventures through the bush. Be sure to research carefully with us before you book if walking is what you want to focus on. We need to know your fitness levels too!

The best time of year for walking safaris is between May and September. – low temperatures and clear bush. October and November get very hot but early morning walks are still enjoyable. Once the rains come, the grass gets long – we may then be reluctant to do walks or restrict the areas where walks take place.

We offer a lot of walking while we are out camping in the Okavango Delta on our safari boats. The islands in the Okavango are perfectly suited for this activity, however, please note that on these walks we are not allowed to carry a firearm (we will be inside the Moremi Game Reserve where strict rules prevent this). However, there are several concessions that border the parks and reserves – on our walking itineraries here we will carry a firearm!

Please inquire for latest updates on the best locations for your walking safari options.

For safety reasons, walking safaris are not recommended for young children or the elderly or infirm.

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