The Chobe National Park is a world-renowned safari destination. The variety of animals within the park astounds, and the vast number of elephants can be beyond imagination. During the late winter months, when the seasonal waterholes in the interior have dried up, the animals move to the Chobe River (which borders the north of the park) to quench their thirst and savour the sweet grasses of the flood plains – providing some amazing photo opportunities.

A drive along the river-front or a boat cruise on the river itself allows for some of the best game-viewing and birding in Africa. Indeed, a stay in Chobe is not complete without getting on the river.

Chobe Itineraries

We have access to private campsites near to the Chobe Riverfront. None of the sites are on the river exactly, but are set back in the teak forest, just a short drive from the actual river. However, the Chobe area has become rather congested lately, and the “wilderness experience” has been somewhat lost. We would be happy to camp there, but usually suggest a lodge option as your Chobe experience: Chobe accomodation here is varied, with high-end, reasonable and budget priced options all available. Houseboats are a particularly popular choice. The nearby town of Kasane,  has dozens of accommodation options for all budgets. The park entrance is a short 10 minute drive from the main center and boats leave from jetties in Kasane for boat cruises in the park. Therefore, staying inside the park is not absolutely necessary.

Our guides can easily meet you after your stay in Chobe in our safari vehicles to continue on a mobile safari through the rest of the parks. We can also drop you there at the end of the safari or arrange a charter flight to Kasane from which ever location your mobile safari ends.

One must be aware that the Chobe River region is a very popular destination, with large visitor numbers being the norm. Nevertheless, this should be a choice destination for first time visitors, and we do have suggestions for ways to avoid the crowds in Chobe.

Chobe Experiences

  • Birding along the Chobe river on a safari boat
  • Photograph large herds of elephants
  • Park so close to habituated elephants that you could almost touch them – very few places in Africa have such relaxed elephants (even when they have their young in the herd). It is the best place in the world to view wild elephants!
  • Chobe is Botswana’s best birding destination
  • Photograph large herds of zebra on the Western floodplains (dry season only)
  • Spend a night on a houseboat


Victoria Falls, either on the Zambian or Zimbabwean side, is a 2 hour road transfer away from Kasane, the main town in the Chobe area. The International airport in Kasane has regular connections to Maun and Johannesburg and is a popular choice to both start and finish your safari.

The recently launched KAZA UNIVISA allows visitors to travel between Zambia and Zimbabwe (and do day trips to Chobe) by buying only one visa. Please inquire for details.

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