Maun is the starting point for most safaris in Botswana with daily connections from Johannesburg and Cape Town. There is an array of accommodation options – conveniently placed hotels,  affordable guest houses, B+B’s, riverside campsites and bush lodges on the outskirts of Maun.

What you should know about Maun:

  • Maun International airport has daily connections to Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • The airport is centrally placed in the center of Maun
  • The flight from JHB to Maun takes about 2 hours
  • There are not many activity options based out of Maun – it is more a place to climatize after your long haul flight or spend your last night before flying home
  • Most parks are too far away from Maun to drive to on the afternoon of your arrival. Unless flying to your fist campsite, you would need to spend your first night in Maun. This is usually recommended anyway, especially if coming off a long haul flight
  • Light aircraft charter flights into any bush airstrip are possible as soon as you enter the country – the same day you arrive. Most lodges or bush airstrips are less than a one hour flight away. We can pick you up at one of these bush airstrips to start your mobile safari immediately
  • Maun is a central point of the “safari circuit” – you can access most parks and lodges using Maun as your base
  • Maun is where the WLS base is. We use it to resupply when moving camp between different parks so it may also be a stop in the middle of your itinerary.

Other helpful information

  • Zambia and Zimbabwe are good places to buy curios – they have excellent wood craftsmen : Botswana however, is better to buy woven baskets! There are however a few decent craft and gift shops in Maun that you can visit
  • You can change money to local currency at Maun airport or several exchange bureaus in town
  • Major currencies are not widely accepted in shops, but can be used to buy curio
  • Maun is relatively safe, but normal precautions should be taken when walking around town and valuables should be kept on your person or locked away


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