The first stop on many safaris, Moremi is genuine and remote big game country, yet is found only a short drive away from our base in Maun. Making up around one third of the Okavango, Moremi is the public area of the delta that we can visit by either boat or vehicle. It is our favourite destination in Botswana and should be the focus of most itineraries!

The “Flood”

Moremi is in the Okavango Delta and so is influenced by the annual flood cycle of the Okavango River. Permanent swamps and rivers overflow, fed by the annual pulse from Angolan rain, to inundate most of the park. This sustains the life here, renewing the nutrient cycle. This water in fact, arrives in the lower reaches of the Delta in our “dry season” – between June and August. This “flood” is different from the local rains that fall in the delta between November and March! Game viewing is productive in both the seasons (so all year). Floods and local rains do influence where we can locate our campsites, although it is extremely rare for the park to become totally inaccessible due to this.

Game Viewing in Moremi

Moremi is a park for serious game viewing – you could actually spend your whole safari here! It boasts large herds of buffalo and elephants and predator viewing is exceptional with lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah all present. Moremi is perhaps the best destination for following the behaviour of the predators – the whole park has an excellent game drive network, all of the predators are fully habituated to the vehicles and the background of genuine Okavango scenery makes every sighting unforgettable.

Further, Moremi offers the most varied and productive game viewing of any of our parks, with healthy populations of all the antelope and giraffe. It is common to find massive herds of buffalo numbering in the hundreds and the breeding herds of elephants are relaxed in the presence of vehicles and fairly easy to find.

Walking is not allowed, however, there are boat stations where boats can be hired to take to the water on the Maunachira channel. (Note that we offer extended boat safaris to other parts of Moremi)

Moremi is at its best during the dry season, when flood waters spill into the floodplains and grasslands (May – October).  The first rains (November / December) bring a flurry of life with the birth of the impala lambs, the arrival of summer migrant birds and termite eruptions. This wet (or “green”) season is highly productive, so this park can be visited all year.

A highlight of Moremi is that it offers a chance to see various animals swimming or crossing water (see the photos below). Buffalo and elephants regularly cross rivers and you may even get a chance to watch predators do the same!

Moremi itineraries

Moremi is our greatest park and we cannot recommend it highly enough. It fits our safari philosophy perfectly – wide open spaces, virtually free from congestion (we locate our mobile camps in the quieter Southern reaches of the park), wild unfenced campsites and a genuine example of true Okavango scenery. If you only had 2-3 days available to safari, in most instances we would offer to take you to Moremi. As part of a longer itinerary, you would make Moremi the “core” of your safari, staying for 3 – 4 nights. This would ensure you could tick off some of the sought after species. We also offer extended stays, moving the camp to different parts of the park. Lastly, the park gate is a mere 2.5 hour drive from Maun, so is fairly accessible. Moremi also fits in well with itineraries that move north or south between Maun and Kasane.

Experiences in Moremi:

  • Outstanding opportunities to track predators and follow them hunting
  • Track down big herds of buffalo and elephants
  • Boat through the Okavango
  • Exceptional birding at known breeding sites (seasonal)
  • Genuine Okavango scenery
  • A paradise for wild camping on mobile safaris


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